Research Centers at the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics

“NONLINEAR AUTOMATION. STABILITY AND OSCILLATIONS – ANSO” Research Centre is a research unit established to achieve academic excellence in specific areas of competence. It was established within the framework of university autonomy, subordinated to the Department of Automation, Electronics and Mechatronics at the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics, University of Craiova. The Director of the ANSO Research Center is Dr. Vladimir RĂSVAN, Ph.D., Professor of Systems and Control.

  • ANSO Research Unit has received CNCSIS accreditation (The National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education) on 11.05.2001 by certificate no. 19/CC-B and was re-accredited in 12.11.2006 by certificate no. 10.
  • THE PURPOSE of the centre is to conduct research in automation field, achieving and maintaining excellence in the areas where it is recognized, supporting the graduate and post-graduate training in automation and related areas, national and international affirmation of Romanian research in the areas of competence. It also promotes academic and professional ethics.

    The research area of ANSO Centre includes the following subdomains:

  • - Stability and nonlinear oscillations (stability and sustained oscillations of nonlinear systems, including time-delay);
  • - Delay systems (theory of systems described by differential equations with shifted argument);
  • - Applications of robust and adaptive control (robust and adaptive control techniques in industrial applications: aeronautics, electrical drives, automotives, biotechnology, chemical engineering).
  • For details visit http://www.automation.ucv.ro/anso/ .

    "MECHATRONICS AND ROBOTICS - CCMR" RESEARCH CENTRE was founded by a group of professors of the former Department of Mechatronics. It became legal by Decision no. 121 of 03.11.2005 and it functions as an association. CCMR is recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education by certificate no. 83/02.06.2005. The Director of CCMR research centre is Dr. Mircea IVĂNESCU, Ph.D., Professor of Mechatronic Systems.

    According to the organizational regulations, The Mechatronics and Robotics Research Centre was established with the following purposes:

  • - to conduct fundamental, experimental and technological scientific research; research can be initiated based on research contracts with state institutions, manufacturing companies, trade associations or others;
  • - to collaborate with similar associations nationwide and abroad;
  • - to conduct dissemination and publication activity of the results of own research or others’
  • - to conduct professional training activity
  • - to organize scientific meetings (symposia, conferences, workshops etc.)
  • So far, the "Mechatronics and Robotics Research Centre - CCMR" has housed 4 CEEX type projects, of which for three CCMR has partnered with other research teams in Romania and to 1 (valued around 14, 75 billion ROL) was the main contractor:

  • - Control and technological l integration of smart materials and structures - CITMSI, CEEX Program, Module I, no. 259/2006; beneficiary: AMCSIT - CEEX Program, 2006-2008 (contractor)
  • - Miniature robotic system with reconfiguration and self-reproduction abilities - ROMAR, CEEX Program, Module I, no. 91/31.07.2006; beneficiary: AMCSIT - CEEX Program (partner)
  • - Research on mobile minirobots with pendulum movement – based locomotion, ROBOPEND, CEEX AMCSIT contract no. 90 / 07.31.2006 (partner)
  • - Development of knowledge on the programming and microprocessing by powder metallurgy of nano-structured materials for components - MEMS - PRONANOMAT, program CEEX Module I, no. / 85/2006 (1592); beneficiary: AMCSIT - CEEX Program (partner).

    For details visit http://www.ccmr.ro/ .

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