Research projects at the Faculty of A.C.E.

The research directions that have benefited from contributions through research based on the Department of AEM contracts are as follows (selection):

Stability and oscillations of nonlinear automatic systems

  • - Stability and oscillations in the dynamics of human-machine systems, grant PN-II-ID-PCE-2007-1 (Exploratory Research Projects) code ID_95 Coordinator: Vladimir Rasvan, 2007-2010.
  • - Prevention of helicopter pilot coupling (human-machine) in critical manoeuvres on board ships and offshore platforms - ELICOMNAV, CEEX Partners (subcontractor no. 259/26.07.2006) under Contract CEEX module, no. 64/31.07.2006, contractor SC STRAERO S.A. Bucharest, Project Manager: Dan Popescu, 2006-2007.
  • Applications of automatic systems in biology, biotechnology, environment protection and medicine

  • - Development of models and methods for the identification and control of biotechnological and biological systems, PNCDI II - IDEAS, CNCSIS ID 548, 2009-2011, University of Craiova - UEFISCSU Coordinator: Dan Selisteanu.
  • - Advanced procedures of modeling, identification and nonlinear control of biochemical and biotechnological processes for improving water quality, CNCSIS A, Contract no. 65GR/11.06.2008, CNCSIS code 621, 2008-2009, Coordinator: Petre Emil.
  • - Improving quality indicators in biological treatment of wastewater from food industry based on advanced control systems - APEPUR, Research CEEX - MENER, Module I, Contract no. 717/24.07.2006, addendum no. 513/13.06.2007, Subcontract no. 717/P1/24.07.2006, 251/19.07.2006 Craiova, 2008-2009, Local Coordinator: Petre Emil.
  • - Algorithms for fault detection in dynamic systems. Development of analytical methods for computer-aided diagnosis. Applications in the study of physiological systems, type A CNCSIS, Grant Agreement no. 24C/19.05.2008, issue no. 19, CNCSIS code 626, 2008-2009, Coordinator: Iancu Eugen.
  • - Models and morphometric techniques with applications to image-based diagnostic improving in digestive cancers and evaluation of new therapies-IMAGO, Contract PNCDI II Program: 4 - Partnerships in priority areas Bioscience Research Department, CNMP 61-31/2007, Craiova 620/2007, 2008-2009, Local Coordinator: Iancu Eugen.
  • - Intelligent Environment for Elder People Care. Computer-aided medical diagnosis (INEA-CAMED), Contract PNCDI II Program: capacity, Module III, Project Romania-France bilateral cooperation, Coordinator: University of Craiova, Partners: École Supérieure d'Informatique et Génie des Ingénieurs en Telecommunications, Avon, France, Univ. of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova, The Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Coordinator: Iancu Eugen.
  • - Advanced informatic system based on neural networks for automatic assistance of diagnosis in ophthalmology, CNCSIS A, Contract no. 51GR/04.05.2006, CNCSIS code 157, issue 8/2006, issue 13/2007, Coordinator: Daniela Danciu, 2006-2007.
  • - Advanced methods of nonlinear control of biotechnological processes for environmental remediation, CNCSIS, 33062/24.06.2004, 34677/2005, CNCSIS code 317, Coordinator: Petre Emil, 2004-2006.
  • - Modern methods of adaptive, sliding and vibrating control of nonlinear systems. Depollution bioprocesses applications, CNCSIS, 17C/2005 issue 17, 17C / 2006, issue 28, CNCSIS code 90, Coordinator: Dan Selisteanu, 2005-2006.

    Automatic systems with special structures and behaviors:

  • - Analyse qualitative de dynamiques des systemes interconnectés: approche par la théorie du contrôle automatique, Partners in international research grant no. PSRU424242 CNRS French-Romanian Academy, the Romanian responsible: Vladimir Rasvan, from 2006-2007.
  • - ECO-NET DIE: Dynamique - Interconnexions – Environnement, Partners in international research contract no. 12645SD, Egide, France, Romanian responsible: Vladimir Rasvan, 2006-2007.
  • - Adaptive synthesis of aerospace systems based on artificial intelligence techniques, PNCDI, Partners in the contract within PNCDI - Aeronautics Program no. 205/18.09.2004, contractor The National Institute for Aerospace Research - Elie Carafoli, Collaborator: Rasvan Vladimir, 2005-2006.
  • - Dissipative systems. Analysis and Synthesis, Grant CNCSIS A Contract no. 33062/2004, CNCSIS code 279, Coordinator: Vladimir Rasvan, 2004-2006.

    Industrial Applications of Automatic Systems (processes in the chemical industry, nuclear and conventional energy processes, machines and electric drives)

  • - DC distribution networks for industrial applications - DCNET, CNCSIS A Consortium, Contract no. 194/07.06.2006, 660/01.09.2008 Subcontract, CNCSIS code 95, Coordinator: Eugen Bobaşu.
  • - System for analysis and calculation of polluted electric network signals and command of the active filters for harmonics compensation - SACSCFA, CEEX Partners (subcontractor no. 263/28.07.2006) under Contract No. CEEX. 77/31.07.2006, Module I, contractor ICMET Craiova, Project Manager: Dan Popescu, 2006-2008.
  • - Equipment for filtering and harmonics compensation for oil drilling stations, Partners in RELANSIN Contract no. 185/2004, contractor ICMET Craiova, no. 85/2004, Project responsible: Dan Popescu, 2004-2006.
  • - Developing of automatic structures for increasing the dependability of control systems with applications in industrial systems (energetic, chemical, aviation, robotics), CNCSIS, 33062/24.06.2004, 34677/2005, 17C/18.04.2006, CNCSIS code 309, coordinator: Vînatoru Matei, 2004-2006.
  • - Adaptive control of processes in chemical and biochemical industry, Contract no. 3006 / 14C / B11 /, beneficiary The Ministry of Education and Research, Coordinator: Vînatoru Matei, 1993-1994.

    Delay and Propagation Systems Theory

  • - Non-standard dynamics in systems with delay - Studies and simulated experiments, CNCSIS, 33062/24.06.2004 (issue 10), 34677/2005 (issue 25), CNCSIS code 318, Coordinator: Dan Popescu, 2004-2005.
  • - Methods of control for systems with propagation, CNCSIS, Grant CNCSIS CNCSU-A, 1998-1999, CNCSU code 18, Coordinator: Vladimir Rasvan, 1998-1999.

    Applications of robust and fault tolerant control

  • - Applications of bioengineering for the synthesis of fault-tolerant robotic structures, CNCSIS, CNCSIS code 268, contract no. 33547/2003, issue 3/2003, Coordinator: Eugen Iancu, 2002 -2003.
  • - Process applications of adaptive and robust control, CNCSIS, Grant CNCSU, contract no. 5006/1996 / Theme 16C, Coordinator: Vladimir Rasvan, 1996-1997.
  • - Methods of robust and adaptive control applied in flexible manipulators control, CNCSIS, contract no. 5006/1996/32 / T issue 19C, Coordinator: Vladimir Rasvan, 1996.

    Physical - mathematical modeling and processes dynamics identification

  • - Methods and algorithms for identifying continuous-time nonlinear systems, PNCDI - PN II Ideas Program, ID-786, Coordinator: Constantin Marin, 2007-2010.
  • - Modeling and identification of interconnected biotechnological systems PNCDI II, CNCSIS 09/04.08.2010, CNCSIS Program: Human Resources Project Type: Research projects to stimulate formation of young independent research teams, CNCSIS code TE_106 Coordinator: Şendrescu Dorin, 2010-2013.
  • - Bond Graph Modeling Method of thermochemical and biotechnological processes, PNCDI II Program: Human Resources Project, type: post-PhD research projects, code CNCSIS PD_108 Coordinator: Monica Roman, 2010-2012.

    Real-time systems, embedded systems

  • - Embedded systems for real-time networked processes control - SICOTIR, PNCDI II Program: Partnerships in priority areas, 2007-2010, registry no. CNMP 05D7/18.09.2007, registry no. 58C/14.09.2007 contractor Coordinator: Ionete Cosmin, 2007-2010.

    Medical Bioengineering

  • - A Web-based E-training Platform for Extended Human Motion Investigation in Orthopedics, European project type LLP (Transfer of Innovation), 2012-2013, European Coordinator: Dorin Popescu.
  • - An Intelligent Haptic Robot Glove for the Patients Suffering a Cerebrovascular Accident, project PNCDI-II-Partnership, nr. 150, 2012-2015, Coordinator: Dorin Popescu.
  • - Embedded Systems - neuroprosthesis type - for disabled persons recovery, PNCDI-II project, Partnership, no. 11-068, 2007-2010, Coordinator: Dorin Popescu.
  • - Robots control for assisting people in need, Contract 40202/2003, CNCSIS code: 740, Coordinator: Viorel Stoian, 2003-2005.


  • - Sharing training and research resources in the Excellence Research Program, CEEX 24/I03, 2005-2008, coordinator: Mircea Ivanescu.
  • - EIE-Surveyor: Reference Point for Electrical and Information Engineering in Europe, European Project no. 225997-CP1-2005, 2005-2008, Coordinator: Dorin Popescu.
  • - Enhancing Lifelong Learning for the Electrical and Information Engineering Community - ELLEIEC, proiectul european 142814-LLP-1-2008-1-FR-ERASMUS-ENW, 2008-2012, Coordinator: Dorin Popescu.
  • - Research on sharing educational resources via the Internet, The bilateral cooperation project Romania - China, 2009-2010, Coordinator, Dorin Popescu.
  • - Remotely Controlled PLC Laboratory (Internet), project no. 33062, CNCSIS code: 276, 2004-2005; Coordinator: Dorin Popescu.

    Mobile Robotics

  • - Algorithms and architectures for the guidance by wired or programmed trajectories for mobile robots with wheels sustentation, CNCSIS code. 151, Director: Mircea Niţulescu, 2001-2002,
  • - Theoretical and experimental research in the field of mobile robots, CNCSIS code 715, Director: Mircea Niţulescu, 2003-2005.
  • - Miniature robotic system with abilities for reconfiguration and self-reproduction - ROMAR, CEEX Program, Module I, no. 91/31.07.2006, Local Coordinator: Mircea Niţulescu, 2006-2008.

    Biomimetic Robotic Systems

  • - Reverse Engineering in Cognitive Recognition and Control of Biomimetics Structures – Project manager: Prof.dr.ing. Nicu Bîzdoacă, University of Craiova - Romania, Prof.dr.ing. Frank ChongWoo Park, Seoul National University, South Koreea - 2010-2011
  • - Development of biomimetic design methodology with reverse engineering in cognitive recognition and control of biomimetic robots – Project Manager: Prof.dr.ing. Nicu Bîzdoacă, University of Craiova - Romania, Prof.dr.ing. Erden Abdulkadir, Atilim University of Ankara - Turkey- 2010-2011
  • - Reverse engineering in cognitive modeling and biomimetic structures control - Research contract PNCDI 2 - IDEI, code 289/2008 - Project director: Prof. dr. Nicu Bîzdoacă, University of Craiova

    Modular robotic structures based on smart materials

  • - Specialized robotic architectures for operating in hazardous environments - Research contract CNCSIS code 275 - 2004-2006 - Project director: Prof. dr. Nicu Bîzdoacă, University of Craiova
  • - Competitive approach of robotic systems modularisation - Research contract CNCSIS code 62, 2007-2008 - Project director: Prof. dr. Nicu Bîzdoacă, University of Craiova
  • - New technologies in the control of processes based on smart materials (magneto and electrorheological liquids and memory materials), Contract Research ANSTI 5241/1999, 1999-2000 - Project Director: Prof. dr. Nicu Bîzdoacă, University of Craiova.
  • - • Control and technical integration of smart materials and structures - CITMSI - CEEX Program, Module I, no. 259/31.07.2006, Local Coordinator: Nicu Bîzdoacă, 2006-2008.

    Acquisition, image processing and recognition

  • - FREESUBNET - A European research network on key technologies for intervention autonomous underwater vehicles" MRTN-CT-2006-036186, 16 research teams as partners from EU member countries, Romanian responsible Dorian Cojocaru, 2006-2010.
  • - Promoting Artificial Vision Application, CNCSIS code 718, Director Dorian Cojocaru, 2003-2004.
  • - Fuzzy techniques for systems and processes applicable in the informational society", CNCSIS code 100, Director Dorian Cojocaru, 2005-2007.
  • - Models and methods for visual control of hiper-redundant robots, GAR 100/09.08.2007 grant of the Romanian Academy, Director Dorian Cojocaru, 2007-2008.
  • - Tentacular robots control based on artificial vision", CNCSIS grant PN II IDEI 102/01.10.2007, Director Dorian Cojocaru, 2007-2010.
  • - "Modele şi metode pentru controlul vizual al roboţilor hiperredundanţi", grant cu Academia Română GAR 97/24.04.2008, Director Dorian Cojocaru, 2008.
  • - Holonic control platform for manufacturing based on multiple robots and integrated artificial vision used for material conditioning - RVHOLON" CEEX AMCSIT contract no. 146 / 20.07.2006, team manager Mircea Ivanescu, local executive responsible Dorian Cojocaru, 2006-2009.
  • - Autonomous intelligent artificial vision - robot platforms for skill, sorting / processing / packaging and quality inspection of holonic control architecture products, service-oriented, feature-based - SOFHICOR", contract No. PARTNERSHIP. 11-042/18.09.2007, strong collaboration subcontract no. 99/14.09.2007, team manager Mircea Ivanescu, local executive responsible Dorian Cojocaru, 2007-2010.

    Sensory information processing systems and applications of monitoring and measuring systems in industry

  • - Contributions to the acquisition, processing and interpretation of signals from robots specific sensors, grant A type, code CNCSU 333/1999 and 4/2000, funded by MER-CNCSU, beneficiary The Ministry of Education and Research, Coordinator: Dorina-Mioara Purcaru.
  • - System of monitoring for isolated passage to prevent environmental disasters caused by damage to power transformers - MONBUSHING, CEEX, P-CD, Contract nr.155/20.07.2006, Partners (Subcontract no. 03/155/2006), contractor ICMET Craiova, Project: Dorina Mioara Purcaru, 2006-2008.
  • - Research on the development of environmental technologies based on magneto-strictive induced vibrations to reduce energy consumption which causes global warming - TEVM, CEEX Partnerships in priority areas, Category PC, Contract nr.21-059/14.09.2007, Partners (subcontract no. 21059/3/6.11.2007) ICMET contractor Craiova, Project: Dorina Mioara Purcaru, 2007-2010.
  • - Study and implementation of a technological solution to increase energy efficiency, safety and security in urban electric transport, contract PNCDI-II, Program 4 - Partnerships in priority areas 71-145/14.09.2007 (61c/2007), Project Coordinator: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Craiova, members: Elena Doicaru, Titi Serban, 2007-2010

    Modeling, simulation and design of electronic circuits, software tools for automatic design microelectronic circuits

  • - Developing of software tools for designing analog microcircuits, Grand CNCSIS A, no. 27GR/11.05.2007, issue 5, CNCSIS code 602, MER-financed by CNCSIS, beneficiary Ministry of Education and Research Coordinator Elena Doicaru, 2007-2008.
  • - Building more flexible, efficient and cheaper solutions for IT infrastructure, Research contract completed with Silvio Tronchetti Foundation from Italy, no. 1C/09.02.2010, Project Coordinator: Mircea Mihaiu
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