The Department of Automation, Electronics and Mechatronics (DAEM) combines the academic staff and the infrastructure of three entities of the old structure of the faculty: The Department of Automation, The Department of Electronics and The Department of Mechatronics.

It is expected that this fusion will lead to a more efficient use of human and material dowry of the three entities in order to improve both the educational services provided and the research - aiming for a closer collaboration and the expansion of the research skills of its members by tackling directions in interdisciplinary areas related to those already discussed.

DAEM coordinates programs of study as follows:

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Automation and Applied Informatics (see syllabus here )
  • Applied Electronics (see syllabus here )
  • Multimedia Systems Engineering (see syllabus here )
  • Mechatronics (see syllabus here )
  • Robotics (see syllabus here )

Master of Arts (MA)

  • Automation of Complex Systems (see syllabus here )
  • Control Systems in Robotics (see syllabus here )
  • Advanced Electronic Systems (see syllabus here )
  • Information Technologies in Systems Engineering (see syllabus here )