The Department of Automation, Electronics and Mechatronics (DAEM) was established following the decision of the Rector of the University of Craiova no. 6180A of 29.07.2011.

DAEM is set up by the union of three academic entities of the old structure of the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics: The Department of Automation, The Department of Electronics and The Department of Mechatronics

The foundation in 1965 (the second, chronologically, after the one in Bucharest), of the specialization of Automation at the University of Craiova was accompanied by the foundation of the Department of Automation under the leadership of Prof. Constantin Belea (1929-1985). Professor C. Belea was a pioneer of modern automation in Romania, with a reputation of an outstanding researcher in the field of nonlinear automation. These facts have hallmarked an evolution spanning over four decades of Automation in Craiova: the first PhD students and PhDs trained by Professor Belea became themselves prestigious professors and researchers who ensured the continuity and the progress of Automation in Craiova.

At the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics of University of Craiova, some specialists in complementary or related fields of Automation (Electronics, Mechatronics, Computers) originate from the old Department of Automation, the main source of academic excellence of the entire faculty.

Additional information on the foundation and history of the three departments that make up the new Department of AEM can be found in the History section of the Faculty of ACE: http://www.ace.ucv.ro/despre/istoric/